Vienna, Austria

Introduction to Qualitative Data Analysis with Atlas.ti.

when 17 February 2013 - 22 February 2013
duration 1 week

The main purpose of this course is to learn about computer assisted qualitative data analysis with Atlas.ti. Qualitative Content Analysis (QCA) and Grounded Theory (GT) will be introduced exemplarily to demonstrate different ways of using Atlas.ti. The focus will be mainly on textual data.
After reflecting the assets and drawbacks of computer assisted analysis, a brief introduction to QCA and GT will be provided. Then, the whole process from the decision for using computer assisted analysis, to producing text material for dissemination, will be retraced.
Students will build up their own project with a given data set. The major steps that will be practiced are: data management, the creation and usage of quotes and codes, the usage of comments and memos, splitting and comparing data, retrieving data pieces by operating different sorts of search options, creating semantic networks. Throughout all of these steps, QCA and GT will be applied to juxtapose different approaches for using Atlas.ti. Lecturing, plenary sessions and independent work will regularly take turns.

Course leader

University of Vienna

Target group

Advanced students and junior researchers in political science and adjacent disciplines

Course aim

as above

Fee info

EUR 0: ECPR Member – €150
Non-ECPR Member – €200