Vienna, Austria

Introduction to NVivo 10

when 17 February 2013 - 22 February 2013
duration 1 week

This is an introductory course on the use of NVivo software for qualitative data analysis. The course is orientated towards participants with no prior knowledge of the software who intend to use it for the management, coding, analysis and visualisation of qualitative data. The course’ content is spread over five modules over five days, and includes: formatting of text and multimedia data on day 1, data management on day 2, data coding on day 3, data analysis on day 4, and data visualisation on day 5. The course is entirely hands-on and uses sample data to learn the mainstream features of the software. The content is not orientated towards the methods to analyse qualitative data in NVivo. The course will be held in a computer lab where NVivo will be installed on computers. Participants who wish to do the course’s exercises on their laptop should have NVivo installed

Course leader

Marie-Hélène Paré
University of Oxford

Target group

Advanced students and junior researchers in political science and adjacent disciplines

Course aim

as above

Fee info

EUR 0: ECPR Member – €150
Non-ECPR Member – €200