Cologne, Germany

Ageing and Ageing Associated Diseases

online course
when 17 August 2020 - 20 August 2020
language English
duration 1 week

Online Summer School Programme

1. Key Lectures

Selected ageing related topics will be presented by our internationally renowned faculty!
• Introduction to Ageing Research by Prof. Linda Partridge
• Learning about cell death signaling from single molecule microscopy by Prof. Ana Garcia-Saéz
• Mitochondrial dynamics in neural stem cells by Prof. Matteo Bergami
• Evolution and modulation of vertebrate lifespan by Dr. Dario Valenzano
• Genome Stability in Aging and Disease I by Dr. Stephanie Parnier
• Genome Stability in Aging and Disease II by Prof. Björn Schumacher

2. Effective Presentation Workshop

The summer school will take place from August 17 - 20, 2020 as online event.

There is hardly any better tool than applied improvisation to improve your presentation skills. In presentation-oriented and agile exercises our trainer Dr. Ben Hartwig teaches you how to work autonomously, goal-oriented and experience flow states. Each participant will increase awareness towards their presentation style, their emotional state and their focus on the story of the presentation.
You will learn to avoid communication pitfalls and to deliver messages more clearly. The communication and presentation exercises are based on scientific findings, which are discussed during the workshop. Goal is to deliver a system that helps you to present your work more effectively in the future.
Benefit: Improved communication, presentation skills, increased productivity, awareness of individual communication strategies and conflict management.

3. Journal Club

The Journal Club on “The Hallmarks of Ageing” chaperoned by Dr. Joris Deelen will give you a better understanding about crucial biological processes and mechanisms underlying ageing. In small groups you will work on a presentation of one ageing hallmark. Later you present your results and discuss them with the whole group and your chaperone. This way, you immediately get the chance to apply the skills learnt in the effective presentation workshops during the Journal Club.

4. Tour through our Facilities

Ever asked yourself what techniques and instruments are needed to pursue top-notch research on the highest level? Visit the webpages of our core facilities and see how they support scientist working at our institutes.
• CECAD Research Facilities (
• MPI for Biology of Ageing Core Facilities (
As the summer school was changed to an online event, an on-site tour will not be possible.
We are currently checking alternative options.

5. Networking & Social Activities

If you are curious on what our current Master fellows and graduate students think about your opportunities to study ageing in Cologne, you can meet and chat with them during our student lunch! For the first evening we will give you a culinary introduction to Cologne, by having a traditional brewery dinner, right next to the Cologne Cathedral. That way you will also get to know all members of the summer school students.

Course leader

Selected ageing related topics will be presented by our internationally renowned faculty:
• Prof. Linda Partridge
• Prof. Ana Garcia-Saéz
• Prof. Matteo Bergami
• Dr. Dario Valenzano
• Dr. Stephanie Parnier
• Prof. Björn Schumacher

Target group

Students enrolled in a discipline of Life Sciences, such as e.g. Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics or Bioinformatics and are B.Sc. or early M.Sc. student are eligible to apply.

For your application, please sent 1 PDF including your CV, the transcripts of your BSc/MSc studies and a 1 - 2 page(s) motivation letter to

Course aim

The summer school aims to give highly motivated BSc and early MSc students the opportunity to learn more about the areas of Ageing and Ageing Associated Diseases for potential future Master studies or PhD project.

Credits info

We can provide a certificate stating the course subjects and times. Please inquire at your university about the credits that can be granted to you.

Fee info

EUR 0: Participation is free of charge!


Participation is free of charge!