Abruzzo, Italy

Coastal Tourism

blended course
when 1 March 2021 - 31 December 2021
language English
duration 44 weeks
credits 10 EC
fee EUR 1200

•High school and secondary school students on nature and marine environment courses including sea navigation courses and eco-marine tourism practice and a virtual preparation course prior to a full stay.
•campus for university and postgraduate research students including placements, supervised
maritime/blue economy research together with international partners and global institutions
•lifelong learners:nature/sea excursions and guided excursions in the ‘0’ kilometre food, olive oil and wine producers’ haven; marine environmental workshops (short or long term courses with certification),specialised courses (and a once in a lifetime experience of living inside the borghi piu belli d’italia( best hamlets in Italy).
•specialized regeneration/rehabilitation/tourism bubble programs for sea lovers and post-trauma participants.
• j-termprograms •may termprograms • summer programs • semester programs • faculty-led&customizedprograms
• internship programs in marine science, bio-agriculture, eco-fishing, maritime law, blue economy, spatial
planning and coastal management, sea adventure courses, tourism/hospitality studies.

Course leader

Annika Patregnani and the expert group on the blue/green economy of Habitat World

Target group

High School, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students and researchers.
Lifelong Learners.

Course aim

The aim of the coast is to provide skills and competencies useful for employability or research purposes in a blue economy environment focusing on coastal tourism and the Green Deal in the European Union and the Mediterranean.

Credits info

10 EC
Course credits will be provided for participants in the various stages of educational pathways. Professional and certificates of attendance will also be included.

Fee info

EUR 1200: For undergraduate and high school students and will include full board and lodging, leisure activities, and courses.
EUR 1500: For graduate and lifelong learners and will include full board and lodging, leisure activities and courses.


Scholarships are available for each group of students who register. Groups over 15 participants are also granted an incentive scholarship.