Berlin, Germany

Iron Printing in Blue – A Cyanotype Workshop

when 4 August 2021 - 6 August 2021
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 430

This workshop will mainly focus on acquiring practical skills in the cyanotype printing technique. Participants will learn how to produce the cyanotype solution necessary for this method and have the opportunity to carry out experiments and use them in artistic practice. This technique can mainly be used to produce either photograms or photographic images with the help of photo negatives. The participants will have an opportunity to try out different possibilities of the technique and then be able to focus on their approach.

On day one, there will be an introduction to the practical aspects of the cyanotype technique. We will look at the variety of cyanotype prints and learn how to make the solution. In the afternoon, we will produce our first test prints. It will give the participants the first feeling of the technique and time to prepare for the next day, either through taking photos and copying negatives or collecting material for photograms.

Day two and the first half of the third day will be fully dedicated to individual work. The participants will start with an exercise to get more familiar with cyanotype printing and then focus on its application in their projects. There will be time to discuss the progress of personal projects throughout the workshop and to receive individual feedback.

On day 3, we will look at both group and personal projects altogether. It will allow the participants to review their work and get an outlook on how they might apply cyanotype printing in their future artistic practice.

Course leader

Jenny Claire Heck

Fee info

EUR 430: Course fee


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