Berlin, Germany


when 20 September 2021 - 25 September 2021
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 550

This seminar focuses on the art and theory of dirt. Together, we will develop experimental mindsets and expand our practices through the collective conceptualization of dirt and what makes it possible.

By exploring the concept of dirt, one automatically asks questions about the theoretical understanding and perception of the material world. Dirt raises questions about how we humans live on both micro and macro levels. Here the students will explore the central role of the subjective and objective in working with concepts such as dirt, pollution, toxicity, cleanliness, and purity.

For each class, there will be presentations and discussions of theories and artworks by teachers and the students. The second part will be workshop-based, where the students are going to develop their subjective understanding of dirt, the idea of a dirty, polluted world, as well as concepts of perception, affect, otherness, materialism, abjection, horror, and the grotesque through artistic and philosophical engagement.

The main questions of the workshop will be: How is dirt possible and how is it related to perception? What can we say about dirt in a post-human framing? Where do we place dirt aesthetically?

Course leader

Jacob Eriksen and Diana Ø. Tørsløv Møller

Fee info

EUR 550: Course fee


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