Dölsach / Lienz, Austria

Archaeological Field School

when 12 July 2021 - 7 August 2021
language English
duration 4 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 1800

The Aguntum Summer School - Archaeological Field School offers students of classical and ancient study programmes to participate in the excavation of the Roman town of Aguntum, in courses on the history of the Eastern Alps as well as to join excursions to the most exciting find spots in the region.

The practical work at the excavation site includes the uncovering, description and measurement of archaeological findings, their recovery and initial careful cleaning as well as the further processing and interpretation of the materials and findings. Accompanying courses on the current discourse in field archaeological methods as well as on the broader historical framework of the excavation site in Roman and late ancient times (1st to 6th centuries AD) are offered.

The Roman town of Aguntum has been known of since the early 20th century and there have been excavations there since 1912. Since 1991, the Department of Archaeologies at the University of Innsbruck has headed the excavations. As of 2021 the Summer School Aguntum will be offered in addition.

Course leader

Dr. Martin Auer

Target group

Students and people interested in archaeological fieldwork

Course aim

The Field School is divided into a theoretical and a practical part.

Theory (Lectures, Excursions, Practical Courses):

History and archaeology of Aguntum and the Eastern Alps in Roman Time and Late Antiquity
Archaeological methods: excavation methods, stratigraphy and surveying technology (drawing, tachymetry, photogrammetry, SfM 3D)
Conservation and restoration (buildings and small finds)
Dating and interpretation of Roman finds (main focus: ceramics)

Archaeological excavation
Archaeological documentation (description of findings, stratigraphy, photography, surveying and mapping)
Processing of discovered material (salvage, cleaning, documentation)
Taking of sample materials for different questions (geoarchaeology, archaeobotany, scientific dating methods …)
Creation of an excavation report for the processed area
The Field School 2021 will work in the area of the trader forum. The participants will carry out all excavation and documentation steps in their excavation area under professional guidance.

Credits info

6 EC

Fee info

EUR 1800: The fee covers the participation in lectures, excavation work and excursions. Also the working material needed will be provided.
EUR 300: Directly on the excavation site is the “Aguntum excavation house”. There are 4- to 8-bed rooms in the house. Kitchen and bathrooms are used together. There is also a washing machine. Free WiFi is available. It is possible to stay in these rooms for the entire duration of the summer school at a cost of €300. Should participants prefer a different type of accommodation, we are happy to help to find a suitable offer.