Berlin, Germany

Communication and Cooperation across Culture at a Distance

online course
when 19 July 2021 - 12 August 2021
language English
duration 4 weeks
credits 5 EC
fee EUR 800

Everyone knows how to connect, how to learn, exchange, work and have fun online. But in a professional context we need to develop communication skills which allow to generate the quality of communication and collaboration needed for high quality results in remote teams.
In this course, we will examine how cross-cultural competency fuels teamwork in
international set-ups, specifically on the East-West intersection of cultural dimensions.
The class will be a temporary learning system in which participants experience to be part of a dispersed team, analyze their own learning and experience of collaboration with fellow international students to create and present a collaborative work to their peers and the instructor. The class replicates the process of a dispersed professional team: building up trust, generating common knowledge, enhancing cross-cultural competency, creating inclusiveness and delivering shared results.

Course leader

Isabelle Demangeat

Target group

Students from different countries, academic levels and backgrounds who are interested in combining theoretical and experimental learning will benefit from the learning process within the group. Students should be interested in human interaction and teamwork.

Course aim

Students will be provided with theoretical knowledge and with experimental learning opportunities.
The impact of the pandemic on online interpersonal communication will also be taken into consideration. Over the course of the term, students will learn to name and apply relevant communication theories, develop an awareness of the impact of online communication, extract learnings from cross-cultural communication and inclusion contents, practice collaboration in an international team, and reflect on situations from their daily lives where this knowledge can be applied in the future.
Guest speakers are two executives with profound international exposure who will share their key learnings on inclusion, cross-culturality and remote leadership.

Credits info

5 EC


• Participation: 30%
• Online presentation: 30% (learning groups)
• Final paper: 40% (individual)

Fee info

EUR 800: course fee (incl. online discount)
EUR 90: program fee

Early registration discount: -40€ (until May 22, 2021)


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