Carcavelos, Portugal

Business and Sustainability

when 21 June 2021 - 2 July 2021
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 3400

The Global Goals are interconnected – often, the key to success to one of them will involve tackling issues more commonly associated with another. To ensure that the overarching Challenge of Climate Action is addressed through a holistic and systematic approach, our summer school is organized around three transversal themes. You will look at Climate Action either from a perspective of transforming cities, advancing green growth, or safeguarding our oceans.

Our world is changing on an unprecedented scale, speed, and depth. You will use uncertainty to envision and enact change, and you will sink your teeth into the complexity of challenges that will frame the future. This is your place to build capacity and confidence for breaking routines and creating new visions. For 12 days, you will work with academia, industry experts, and NGOs in your challenge team to identify solutions to society's most pressing issues.

Day 1: Welcome event - Meet the challenge owner, and get to know your challenge colleagues
Day 2: Understand the Challenge - Identify new perspectives and overcome "thinking as usual"
Day 3: Leveraging Knowledge - Ask powerful questions to broaden your perspectives
Day 4: Exploring Opportunities - Explore possible ideas and capture emerging ideas
Day 5: Zoom Out - Discover frameworks and future transformations
Day 6: Experience transformation - Witness a powerful example of a sustainable business creation
Day 7: Cultural Immersion - Learn about the transformation of Lisbon and get a hands-on experience
Day 8: From Local to Global - Get to know the role of Nova SBE & social businesses in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
Day 9: Ideathon - Generate forward-looking ideas using innovative ideas
Day 10: Pioneering Work in Progress - Look beyond your own area and explore synergies
Day 11: Shaping the Future - Narrow down ideas and create concrete roadmaps for implementation
Day 12: Change Pitch - Pave the way forward

Course leader

The course is organised by a team of Nova SBE. Our Challenge Owners will be multinational businesses, international NGOs, public authorities, or a consortium of Challenge Owners.

Target group

We invite Bachelor Students, Master Students, and recent graduates from all disciplines as well as young professionals with a passion and commitment for the Global Goals to apply for our program.

Course aim

- A Summer School organized by Portugal’s leading and top-ranked business school Nova SBE: Experience first-class teaching by our faculty, staff, experts from across Europe and meet sustainable business solutions powered by Nova SBE Alumni.
- Work with top leaders from the corporate world: Business leaders will bring a daring Challenge to our Summer School. Join them and create innovative ideas to solve the Challenge.
- Be part of the ideas’ revolution to implement the Global Goals: As a participant of our Summer School, you will work on a real-life Challenge being brought by a Challenge Owner and followed with a report at the prestigious Estoril Conferences in 2022.
- The future we need – develop a mindset for change: Unlock your potential and the potential of others to find solutions to the most pressing challenges our world is facing. You will look beyond and engage in trans-disciplinary conversations and turn uncertainty into a powerful resource.
- Gain valuable credits (ECTS): The successful completion of all the ProAction Edition 2021 awards you with an equivalent of 6 credits (ECTS).
- Going beyond the classic sight-seeing activities: Our free time activities are linked with the theme of the Summer School and will provide you with a unique learning experience from your arrival in Portugal until your departure.
- Broaden your horizon and network with a unique view: During the course of the program you will participate in two dynamic events in an oceanfront surrounding where you will meet leading representatives of our challenge owners, and farewell your immersive experience with a dinner among new friends and colleagues in a traditional Portuguese restaurant.

Credits info

6 EC
You will be assessed based on your active participation during the summer school, preparatory and final course work. The successful completion of all these elements awards you with an equivalent of 6 credits (ECTS). Please consult the program management teams of your home university concerning credit transfer.

Fee info

EUR 3400: Students from a Nova SBE partner school enjoy the reduced fee of 3200 €. The fee includes the event's organization, transport upon arrival at Nova SBE on the first day until the final day of the Summer School, field trips, and study visits. Meals during activities on campus and program activities are included.
EUR 3600: The fee includes the event's organization, transport upon arrival at Nova SBE on the first day until the final day of the Summer School, field trips, and study visits. Meals during activities on campus and program activities are included.