Oslo, Norway

The art of storytelling for business practices

online course
when 21 June 2021 - 16 July 2021
language English
duration 4 weeks
credits 7.5 EC
fee EUR 950

Stories engage and persuade by playing on our emotions. They influence our professional work life in areas as diverse as organizational sensemaking and capital market performance. Organizational stories can turn leaders into heroes or villains, stories told by customers can make or break a brand, and the narrative structure of prospectuses can influence the success of stock market launches.

Understanding the role storytelling plays and how to employ it has thus become an important tactical tool at the disposal of managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Some, like co-founder of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, have applied storytelling principals similar to those that underpin Hollywood movies. His presentations, deemed legendary by some, were structured as stories of tension and struggle between heroes and villains, which appealed to his audiences’ emotions.

To develop such storytelling skills, we have to open up the black box of story to explicate, articulate and codify the nature of story. In this course we work with factual and fictional stories from business and entertainment to recognize their universal nature. Students learn to structure stories to become more believable, engaging and persuasive. See you this summer in EXC 3676, The art of storytelling for business practices.

Course leader

Terje Gaustad

Target group

Students from all over the world who would like to take part in a virtual Summer School that will engage academically and socially and give you a taste of Norway and Oslo.

Credits info

7.5 EC
You can take two Bachelor courses and gain 15 ECTS.

Fee info

EUR 950: Tuition fee includes everything