Jönköping, Sweden

International Entrepreneurship and Venturing

when 9 June 2014 - 4 July 2014
duration 4 weeks
credits 9.9 EC
fee SEK 15250

This four-week long course is divided into lectures, seminars and workshops given by experienced professors, researchers and lecturers in the field of entrepreneurship. The program will also include a company visit where the students will be able to learn about the industries in the region of Jönköping and a visit to the Science Park's business incubator and lab, which offers a flexible and creative infra-structure for knowledge-intensive companies in various phases and with varying needs.

During the course students will be introduced to the topic of entrepreneurship, learn about the decision to become an entrepreneur, discover business opportunities and how to develop successful venture ideas. In other words how to go from an idea to an entrepreneurial firm, but also how to handle it as the company grows. The student will also learn how to analyse and understand the business environment, how to acquire and build resources and finally how to evaluate business plans.

Course leader

Johan Larsson

Please contact summerprogram@jibs.hj.se if you have any questions

Target group

Undergraduate Business, Economics and Law students

Course aim

On completion of the course the students will be able to:
Knowledge and understanding
1. explain the steps and critical factors in the new venture establishment process
2. explain key interrelationships between a firm and its environment
3. explain the arguments for and against writing a business plan from the perspective of an entrepreneur
or a potential venture capitalist
4. explain the composition and structure of a business plan

Skills and abilities
1. develop the ability to implement the theoretical material to the empirical material provided and analyse it
2. develop their written and presentation skills
3. develop group and project work skills

Judgement and approach
1. critically evaluate the fit between different elements of a business plan
2. increase their entrepreneurial self-efficacy

Fee info

SEK 15250: The tuition to participate in the program. This do not cover the social program or accommodation
SEK 1000: Optional
It covers Welcome lunch, social activitites, company visit, cultural trip and farewell dinner.
Great fun!