Brno, Czech Republic

Czech for Foreigners - Beginner 1 int

when 7 July 2014 - 18 July 2014
duration 2 weeks
fee CZK 4299

Lessons focus on a practical use of Czech in ordinary, daily situations
focus on practicing correct pronunciation of Czech speech sounds, speaking, writing, reading, and listening

At the end of the course, I will:
be able to introduce and express myself in common situations and on simple topics
be able to express my needs to the people around me in simple sentences and phrases
understand directories and informational signs
be able to order food and drinks in restaurants and communicate in stores
be able to count to one million
be able to ask directions
understand time (time, date, months, and years)

In terms of grammar, I will be able to use:
grammatical gender
verb conjugation and negative forms of verbs
pronouns (personal, demonstrative, and possessive)
singular accusative
past tense
motion verbs in future tense
and I will understand the declination system in Czech and the role of cases in sentences

Topics for conversation:
me and my family
in a restaurant
food (basic types, fruit and vegetables)

Length of the course
20 two-hour lessons (= 90 min)

Materials the Beginner 1 course is based on:
New Czech Step by Step (lessons 1 – 6), Čeština pro cizince (selected chapters), materials provided by the teacher

Target group

Czech Beginner 1 course is for students with no knowledge of Czech language or those with minimal knowledge who want to brush up on the very basics.

Fee info

CZK 4299: The fee covers tuition expenses and extra copies only. Other study materials are paid separately.