Barcelona, Spain

Innovation and Creativity Management

when 28 July 2014 - 1 August 2014
duration 1 week
fee EUR 500

Rapid technological changes, the information revolution and increasing globalization of business activities have intensified competition among countries for export markers, capital,
R&D, and skilled workers. The development of service, information and knowledge societies
is a process that may be compared to the emergence of industrial society during the nineteenth century in terms of the social impact it has had. With the appearance of knowledge
society comes innovation. Innovation is seen as a key strategy for companies to thrive and
to sustain growth into the future. The new reality is that local firms must continually use
creative strategies, innovate, adapt and create new products and services to compete beyond regional borders.

Course leader

Javier Olivares
Head of Smart City Lab in Smart Barcelona. Engineering Design Graduate,
he holds an MBA from EADA Business School and Master in Innovation through Design
Thinking from ESADE Business School

Course aim

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

- Understand the role of innovation in global economy and the process of innovation
- Learn how to transform a problem into an opportunity by using innovation management concepts.
- Learn how to get market information with the purpose of discovering customers’
needs and create value through innovation.
- Know the tools that are needed in order to implement creativity activities in the
company and use them to develop new innovative products.
- Approach business situations with a very specific user/consumer-oriented focus and
develop ideas with a revenue growth driver.

Fee info

EUR 500: 3 modules at GBS Barcelona – 1250 euro (416 euros per module)
2 modules at GBS Barcelona – 900 euro (400 euros per module)
1 module at GBS Barcelona – 500 euro