Milan, Italy

The Assertiveness of Russia: Towards a New Geopolitics of the Pan-Europe (taught in ITALIAN)

when 18 July 2014 - 19 July 2014
duration 1 week
fee EUR 200

The course offers an analysis of the external projection of the Russian Federation, trying to offer knowledge and tools to provide answers to salient questions - what are the goals, interests which animate the external projection of the country and where the resources and levers of power on which it can rely in order to achieve its objectives? What are the characteristics of the Russian actorness and how does it fit into the larger project to restore Russia to the status of power? What are the carriers which direct the act of the country outside the country? For the understanding of the interaction between Russia and the external environment. After a close examination on the western vector (U.S. and EU), we will continue with the analysis of the influence that Russia exerts on the post-Soviet states, an highly competitive area, as other actors are increasingly projecting their own interests there. It is in this context that we discuss the case of the Ukraine crisis and the subsequent annexation of Crimea by Russia. We will then look at the Asian carrier, which has become a priority both for the conspicuous Chinese economic growth and for the Russian desire to expand its portfolio of friendly countries and to balance U.S. power as well as to maximize economic interests. Russian interests have turned again to the Arctic for its energetic and commercial potentialities. The exploitation of the region, however, could give rise to significant conflicts with the riparian states and beyond. Finally, as a common theme in Russian foreign policy, we will deepen the theme of energy, focusing our attention on the broader Middle East, which has become crucial not only for energy but also the power, as Moscow's role in the Syrian crisis demonstrates.

Course leader

Prof. Serena Giusti, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart - Milan

Target group

The course is intended for:

- Students
- Graduates
- Young professionals

Fee info

EUR 200: The EUR 200 course fee includes all instructional materials