Milan, Italy

Monitoring and Evaluation in Humanitarian Aid (taught in ITALIAN)

when 24 September 2014 - 25 September 2014
duration 1 week
fee EUR 200

Monitoring and evaluation are the main tools for the management of humanitarian aid projects. Those who tell us whether we are doing a good job, whether we got the results, whether the solutions we have chosen are effective, whether we are doing the right thing.
Unfortunately, they are often used in a bureaucratic way, just to fulfill contractual obligations and not to learn from the mistakes and the successes, and to improve the quality of interventions.
Led by highly experienced assessors, the course provides a solid theoretical foundation on the principles, methods and techniques used in the monitoring and evaluation of projects, and a practical guide to design and implement an evaluation: terms of reference, data collection, quantitative methods and qualitative identification of the actors, participatory techniques, analysis, reporting, and so on. Several case studies will enrich and complete the training.

The course is based on the model of ALNAP "Evaluating Humanitarian Action."

The course is useful to the Diploma in Emergency and humanitarian action.

Course leader

Gianni Rufini, General Director, Amnesty International Italy

Target group

The course is intended for:

- Students
- Graduates
- Young professionals

Fee info

EUR 200: The EUR 200 course fee includes all instructional materials