London, United Kingdom

International Trade and Investment Law

when 10 August 2015 - 21 August 2015
duration 2 weeks
fee GBP 1450

International trade and international investment law facilitate global economic relationships, but often require states to sacrifice their sovereignty. This course aims to ensure students understand how the two fields of law work, what rights each provides to investors and states, and how they interact to protect economic interests. It will merge advocacy and policy based considerations to ensure course members can effectively engage with the law as an advocate, an academic thinker, and as a citizen. First, we will address international trade law, the course will cover the foundations of trade and economic policy, including the historical origins of trade law and how that origin story impacts modern international practice, the World Trade Organization’s structure and legal obligations of member states, GATT+ and preferential trade agreements, states’ rights and duties to balance trade protections against environmental and human rights interests, and the means for resolving trade disputes. Then, we will turn to international investment law, examining common standards and protections, the impact of the system on states’ environmental and human rights obligations, and the structure of dispute resolution process. Finally, we will consider current disputes and likely future trends that merge the two fields.

Course leader

Dr. Tara Van Ho, University of Aarhus & University of Essex

Fee info

GBP 1450: Please note that the fee includes all four courses in International Commercial Law (LAW01, LAW02, LAW03, LAW04) which will be undertaken in 40 hours of lectures in total.
Tuition Fee Includes:
Full Admin and Intelligence Support in Accommodation Arrangements depending on candidate preferences (accommodation fees with pre-agreed institutions at discounted prices still apply)
Visa Arrangements for the UK at discounted prices
Optional Airport to Dorm Travel Arrangements
Welcome Pack (Including UK mobile SIM card & Oyster card topped up with £5)
All course materials
Events and workshops
Registration fee
Guided Professional & Historical Tours in London
Research Turkey Academy Certificate (Optional EduQual or CEAUK Qualifications)


Partial scholarships (up to 20%) available (limited availability).