Florence or Rome, Italy

Drawing and Painting in Italy

when 1 June 2016 - 29 July 2016
language English
duration 9 weeks
credits 3 EC

The artistic subjects, such as drawing and painting, are proposed by the Accademia Italiana as a one or two month summer course.

These summer courses may be attended for 40 hours per month (regular course) or 80 per month (intensive course), in the months of June and/or July.

The students work in a spacious, well equipped art studio located in the newly restructured Rome headquarters.

The instructors follow each student individually beginning from whatever basis of knowledge the student may have to elaborate each one's own personal expressive capacity.

Various arguments and techniques are covered, nude drawing, still-life, painting techniques, mixed media, themes concerning the theory and history of art.

The course is completed by seminars and guided visits to museums and exhibitions.

Often the students are invited to participate in exhibitions and creative events with their own works.

The students, living and working in Rome, have the wonderful opportunity of a direct confrontation with the masterpieces of the past and, through the activities of the school, the opportunity of a real contact with contemporary art.

Course leader

Study drawing or painting in Italy this summer

Target group

Adults aged 18 and older

Course aim

To provide basic drawing or painting skills taking advantage of the beauty of the surroundings.

Credits info

3 EC
Students can also take 80 hours of classes for 6 credits.

Fee info

EUR 0: 1000 euros for 40 hours or 1850 euros for 80 hours, plus 200 euro enrollment fee.


or design

In Florence and Rome a special offer for those who choose to attend an Italian language course together with a summer course in art or design

The Accademia Italiana in Florence and in Rome this year offers the opportuni