Amsterdam, Netherlands

Financial Management for Non-Financials

when 4 July 2016 - 8 July 2016
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 995

An introduction to the fundamentals of finance and accounting, given by our top lecturers from Nyenrode New Business School Cees Koomen and Herman van der Meulen.

Use our summer course as an extension on your current studies or apply it immediately to the practice where you are working in. You will be prepared how to use finance as a managerial tool for business strategy and implementation. You will analyze real life business cases from a theoretical perspective and expand your financial management skills.

Topics include: product costing systems, budgetary planning and control, relevant costs for various decision situations, the relationship between financial statements, cash management and risk & return.

The basic framework of Finance and the financial performance of marketing will be discussed from a theoretical perspective in relation to practical assignments and cases.
The major objective of this course is to develop knowledge and techniques how to make better decisions as a manager with financial information. The students will be prepared how to use finance as a managerial tool for business strategy and implementation.

Course leader

Herman van der Meulen – Lecturer of Management Accounting, Business Planning and Business & Taxes

Herman started teaching in 1996 at Nyenrode Business University in Management Accounting and Control including Finance and Financial Accounting. Herman is

Target group

This course aims at individuals (studying or working) wanting to start with a deep-dive in finance. A financial background is not necessarry. Age is not relevant, enthusiasm and drive is.

Course aim

Our Summer Course will introduce management accounting concepts and objectives, provide students with the opportunity to understand the relationship between cost tracking and performance measurement, and give students practice at management accounting problem identification, analysis and solution.
A delightful learning experience that will, in only one week, lead to in-depth knowledge on the management of your company from
a financial point of view!

Fee info

EUR 995: Covers lunch, network activities and one meal together!