Rotterdam, Netherlands

Art and Design in the Next Economy

when 10 July 2017 - 14 July 2017
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 990

Next Economy: the redefinition of production, transaction, distribution and authorship in art and design in a constantly changing world

Course content
Our next economy creates new opportunities and roles for prospective designers and artists. An artist or designer is an important player in tapping into the potential of our new world. We see large companies merging into monopolistic conglomerates in one side of the spectrum and on the other hand we witness the advent of bottom-up economical, social and cultural initiatives that intend to re-define production, transaction, distribution and authorship under the topic of the next economy. This movement will significantly alter the way people live and work together, and, consequently, alter the social and cultural fabric of the public domain. How will these developments change visual culture at large? How will they change the way people perceive and use the public domain, both physically and digitally? Will there be a paradigm shift regarding the relationship between the natural and technological environment? In what way will people re-invent themselves when the next economy affects their lives as citizens, producers and consumers? How resilient does an artist or designer need to be in its practice to deal with this evolution?

Course leader

Margo Ludoph

Target group

Art & design or students in the cultural field

Course aim

Learning outcomes
*conception and deep understanding of the next economy
*knowledge and skills to position oneself as an artist or designer in the next economy
*next economy system & trends
*marketing & brand management
*communication, social media & PR
*business models

Fee info

EUR 990: Course + course materials. The fee does not include travel and accomodation, this fee includes registration for the complete program, all lectures and visits, no catering