Prague, Czech Republic

Sustainable Leadership: 100 Solutions for the World

when 26 July 2021 - 6 August 2021
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 EC
fee EUR 800

The sustainable leadership course will develop your skills and awareness every day of the course. Every session will be half practical and half theoretical (no time to get bored!).You will be required to write a short reflection piece every day on which you will receive written feedback from your tutor. Online interactive tools and videos will be used in class and for the making of individual and group assignment (only a few are enclosed below in the explanations)

Course leader

Thierry Tartarin, MeD; Senior Lecturer at the International Business School of Saxion University.
Mr Tartarin has made a transition to the education sector from the commercial world 13 years ago following a successful career in the trade fairs industry

Target group

Young professionals and university students with intermediary level of English

Course aim

Become a leader in sustainability.

Sustainable leadership is all about on the one hand understanding sustainability and on the other being a leader in driving sustainability. In order to achieve this we start at the beginning by briefly introducing key questions: What is sustainability? What are sustainability practices? Why should you care? What sustainable issues are related to your own area of interest?

The journey starts with an awareness through investigating what kind of a leader you are and letting you see different facets of your leadership.

We look at different perspectives using well known leadership theories to set your leadership style in context. Once the foundation is laid we can start practicing what we preach and confront the reality of our own leadership skills. During the course you will receive regular feedback from the tutor to unleash and develop your leadership skills. Throughout this continuous process, we are convinced that you will achieve great results which will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Am I a leader? What kind of leader can I be? What is needed to develop as a leader? What is sustainability? What is the connection between being a leader and sustainability?

Be an effective leader to change the world.

We believe you can lead to make the planet a better place to live and will help you focus your attention to reversing global warming.

Expected learning outcomes:

Understand key leadership theories (know)
Realize your full potential as a leader (knows how)
Understand what sustainability and the circular economy are (know)
Demonstrate the ability to create new business models (knows how)
Connect leadership and sustainability into a solution to reverse global warming (shows how)

Credits info

5 EC
You will receive an official Certificate of Attendance upon completion of your course which you may use to show evidence of the skills you have learnt during the course and have the credits accepted by your home university.

Fee info

EUR 800: Course fee includes the application fee, study materials, Prague public transportation ticket for 2 weeks, afternoon/evening social activities and events, welcome drink and goodbye graduation party. Other expenses, such as meals, accommodation, insurance, personal expenses, extra activities (such as trips outside town over the weekend and entrance fees), and required equipment (i.e. pencils, paper for illustrations) are not included in the price.

Please note, after the 30th of April 2021, there will be a late enrollment fee charged in the amount of 50EUR on top of the course fee.

In addition, we have adopted a COVID-19 Cancellation fee - in case the course will be cancelled without an online alternative or the Summer school program will not be happening/possible due to the lasting Coronavirus restrictions in your country or in the Czech Republic, we will be refunding all course fee back so the cancellation fee is 0EUR.
EUR 182: Accommodation fee for a 13-night stay at Botic Student House starts at 14 EUR/night.

Everyday afternoon or evening activities organized - sports, weekend trips, city tours, sightseeings, parties etc.

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