Warsaw, Poland

Investment Project Management

when 2 July 2018 - 13 July 2018
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 450

This course focuses on crucial aspect of business endeavours – investment project management. Curriculum includes key aspects of projects like scope, timeframe and life-cycle with budget, feasibility study and risk analysis, and financing including bank loans. Also project steering: coordination and control and termination are analysed. Important issue of organizing project team and choice of proper project structure are discussed on the basis of real-life examples. Specific emphasis will be put on property projects including investments in housing and urban regeneration including examples from major European and US cities.

Major learning outcomes for students:
- understanding of project management process and be able to chose proper
- project management tools and techniques,
- knowledge about possible source of financing the investment project,
awareness of major investment projects carried in the urban environment including European and US cities.

Course leader

Professor Marek Bryx, head of Innovative City Department at Warsaw School of Economics. Former Vice-Minister of Infrastructure and President of State Office of Housing and Urban Development (2001-2004) and Director of UN-Habitat Warsaw Office (2006-2008).

Target group

Bachelor’s and master’s level students.

Course aim

This course aims to present practical approach to investment project management based on real-life cases presented by the Course leader and invited guest speakers.

Credits info

4 EC
It is possible to be enrolled in two courses and be credited 8 ECTS.

Fee info

EUR 450: 430 Euro fee for one course, inauguration and graduation, access to SGH’s library and university’s computers with internet, „welcome package”.
Fee for the second course is 260 Euro.
EUR 270: This fee is optional and includes accommodation in students’ dormitory, double or triple rooms, 10 breakfast before classes (at about 8 a.m.) and 10 lunches (at about 12.30 p.m.) from Monday to Friday each week. Detailed information at offical website.