Lingen, Germany

Management in a global environment

when 9 July 2017 - 22 July 2017
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 EC
fee EUR 1200

The Faculty of Management, Culture and Technology at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences offers a summer program on "Management in a global environment". The faculty has 2,300 students and is located in the District of Emsland in the West of Lower Saxony. Each July the faculty hosts the Summer University Lingen. This study program is a special invitation to foreign students to get to know the Lingen Campus. The Summer University Lingen provides, beside the theoretical courses, a good insight into the unique structure of companies in the Emsland District.

Theory based company concepts in the fields of marketing, logistics, technology analysis, family-run companies and HR management are compared with real life practices in these companies. Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences co-operates with midsized companies from different sectors such as automotive engineering, air-conditioning technology and ship building. Beside the lectures, various leisure activities and a weekend trip to Berlin complete this program and offer the opportunity to learn more about Lingen, the Emsland region and Germany.

Target group

This program is open to German and foreign Bachelor students as well as Master students in any study program. Up to 20 places are available. Availability permitting, it is also possible to register as a day visitor to take part in single modules. Day visitors, however, may not take the final examination. But they will obtain a Summer University certificate of attendance. Due to close links between theory and practice modules at the Summer University, attendance is obligatory on at least two consecutive days.

Course aim

Many local companies have strong ties in this region while operating internationally and globally at the same time. Many of the Emsland companies are small or mid-sized family-owned enterprises. Consciousness of traditions, ingenuity and intensive networking are important parts of their success. The unemployment rate in the region is quite low.
Thus it is the aim of the Summer University to analyse the factors of their success and to give comprehensive insights into the regional, international and global procedures of companies in the Emsland area. The attendees analyse actual practices and thus experience the implementation of management elements in regional companies with international and global operations.

Credits info

5 EC
There is a final written test to close the two week program, in which subject matters of the theoretical modules will be examined. It is not compulsory to take this examination. A "pass" in the Summer University examination is awarded with 5 ECTS points by the faculty. Your home university decides on whether these credit points are convertible to their system.

Fee info

EUR 1200: The attendance fee is €1200 for the complete program including lessons, company tours and transfers to the repective companies. This fee also includes the leisure activities well as a welcome dinner and a weekend trip to Berlin.
EUR 180: To attend one theory/practice module (two consecutive days) is €180 per module including lunch.


Foreign students can apply for scholarships, which are preferably granted to students from partner universities of Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. The fee for scholarship holders is €500 including accommodation and the services mentioned above.