Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fashion Business Portfolio Development

when 5 July 2021 - 16 July 2021
language English
duration 2 weeks
fee EUR 2000

Immerse yourself in Fashion for 2 weeks (10 days) on campus and follow an easy, step-by-step supervised fashion project. Learn how to plan, produce, execute and complete a fashion styling brief for a creative campaign, giving you a fashion portfolio you can use as a ticket to apply for a BA (Hons) Fashion Business programme.

After 2 weeks you will have the know-how and insight on how to tackle a fashion business project. You will also have a work portfolio of your completed project.

If your final portfolio will be evaluated as exceptional, then we will offer you a place in our Foundation Diploma or BA (Hons) Fashion Business to start in september 2022, by-passing the full admission process.

Course leader

Giancarlo Pazzanese, BA (Hons) Fashion Business programme leader

Target group

This course is perfect for you if:

- you are at least 16 years old;
- you want to understand if studying Fashion Business fits you;
- you have never worked on a fashion project;
- you want to build your fashion portfolio for university application;
- you want to improve your fashion portfolio at a professional and university level;
- you want to experience the Amsterdam Fashion Academy before applying to the BA (Hons) Fashion Business or Foundation Diploma in Fashion.

Course aim

This project-based course combines creative flair with business acumen. Less on design but more on image and marketing. If you are considering studying fashion at a higher level but have never worked on a fashion project before then this is the course for you. Learn about the different roles in the industry. Delve into the worlds of marketing, styling and communication. Find out how to create a successful marketing strategy. Discover the ins and outs of styling and produce a professional photoshoot. Learn how to get your message across through a social media plan. Where does branding fit in and how can it be best put to work in marketing and styling?

Fee info

EUR 2000: Tuition fee includes all materials.
EUR 50: Application fee