Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Grounded Theory

when 6 August 2018 - 10 August 2018
language English
duration 1 week
credits 2 EC
fee USD 300

In standard methodology training, you learn how to deduce hypotheses from theory and
how to test them, based on more or less representative samples and on statistical models
fitting the level of measurement of the collected data. This is fine.
But how can we construct theories ourselves, and most notably such theories that are not
derived from other theories, but are grounded in data like observations, interviews, and
records of real events?
Such a theory is a “grounded theory”. In this course, participants will learn how grounded
theories are developed, and why it is very useful to be able to do so.
The topics of the course include: the logic of “doing grounded theory”; open coding &
developing categories; “axial coding” and giving density to an emerging theory; the art of
memo writing; the skills of “enhancing theoretical sensitivity”; theoretical sampling &
“empirical saturation”; theory-building proper.

Course leader


Target group

Master and PhD students in international relations, political science,
and/or sociology.

Course aim

Learn how to construct and apply "grounded theories", i.e. those based on empirical data, and it may be useful.

Fee info

USD 300: The course fee is USD 300 or RUR 18000
RUB 18000: The course fee is USD 300 or RUR 18000


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