UvA Summer School


Social Science Switch

Past courses

Pre-University Honours Programme: Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Pre-university Honours Programme: Sustainable Cities

Racialized Othering

Comprehensive Introduction to Research Methodology and Design

Key Topics in Urban Studies

Visions of The Occult: Introduction to Western Esotericism

Mindfulness and Compassion-based Interventions

Pre-University Honours Programme: Journalism

The Circular City: Towards a Sustainable Urban Ecosystem

Bootcamp: Ethnography and Design

Advanced Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture and Society

Placemaking: Sense, Space & Strategy

Pre-University Honours Programme: International Relations

Migration and Integration: Refugees, Rights & Realities

Building Brands and Influencing Behaviour

Urban Studies: Planning and Living in Cities

Planning the Cycling City

Introduction to Sexuality Studies

Pre-University Honours Programme: Politics & Identity

Summer Institute on Addiction

Epidemics and Social Science: a Holistic Approach

Multilateralism, Globalization & Corporate Diplomacy

Political Economy

Power to the People: Activism and Grassroots Organising

The Anthropocene: Ecology, Crisis, Future

Introduction to Mindfulness and Compassion

Key Topics in Urban Studies

Politics, Identities, and Inequalities

Theory and Practice of Bayesian Hypothesis Testing: A JASP Workshop

Behavioral Macro and Complexity

Crash Course in Experimental Economics

Museum Objects as Evidence

Machine-Learning for the Social & Behavioural Sciences

Dutch for Reading

International Amsterdam Medical Summer Course

Multidisciplinary Online Course

UNISCA Summer Course

The Politics of Suspicion

Urban Studies: Sense, Space & Strategy

Gray Matter: an Interdisciplinary Perspective on the Aging Brain

Security Governance & Conflict Resolution

Columbia Summer Programme in American Law

The Politics of Ageing