International Summer University WU (ISU WU)


New Venture Creation

Entrepreneurship Camp

Strategic Leadership

International Marketing with a Special Focus on Strategic Brand Management

People, Identities & Economics

Branding: A Practical View and Why It Matters

Negotiation Management - How to outperform others by effective negotiation skills

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Sustainable Business - Managing for Tomorrow

International Business Strategy

Responsible International Management in the Digital Age

IHRM - Leading People via Sensemaking

Past courses

Sustainable Business Management: Theory and Practice

International Marketing with a Special Focuson Strategic Brand Management

Strategic Leadership

International Management

New Venture Creation

NegotiationManagement –How to outperform others by effective negotiation skills

International Business in the Digital Economy

Marketing Strategy Decisions in the International Context

Sustainable Business: Managing for Tomorro

International Human Resource Management

International Business Strategy

International Marketing with a focus on Integrated Marketing Communication

The Human-Factor in global business –What drivesthe human being?

International Financial Management