GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology


(Short) Scale Development

Collecting and Analyzing Longitudinal Social Network Data

Mixed-Methods and Multimethod Research

(Non-)Probability Samples in the Social Sciences

Statistical Analysis of Incomplete Data

Design and Implementation of Web Surveys

Designing, Implementing, and Analyzing Longitudinal Surveys

Introduction to Survey Design

Introduction to R for Data Analysis

Questionnaire Design

Survey Sampling and Weighting

Past courses

Introduction to Stata for Data Analysis

Using Directed Acyclic Graphs for Causal & Statistical Inference

Pretesting Survey Questions

Applied Multiple Imputation

Mathematical Tools for Social Scientists: A Refresher Course with R

Research Designs and Causal Inference

Factorial Survey Designs

Questionnaires for Cross-Cultural Surveys

Open Access to Research Data. Facing FunderĀ“s Requirements on Making Research Data FAIR

Assessing Measurement Quality

Structural Equation Modeling for Longitudinal and Panel Data

Preparing Data for Re-use: A Practical Guide to Processing and Documenting your Data for Sharing