Maastricht Summer School


Introduction to Data Analytics in R

Modern Monetary Theory and European Macroeconomics

Media Representations and Research Methods: Critical Discourse Analysis, Social Semiotics and News Framing

Financial Management: The Fundamental Tools of Project Evaluation

Hedging and Derivatives

Past courses

The Smart Investor

Financial Statement Analysis

Designing AI for Humans: Conceiving, Designing and Evolving AI Solutions from a Human Centered Perspective

Financial Accounting: How to Prepare Financial Statements

Global Journalism: Searching for Truth in the Age of Fake News

Economics of European Integration: Challenges, Policies and Practices in the European Business Environment

Leadership and Management in a Global World

Positive Psychology

European Welfare State: Current Challenges and Perspectives

Development Projects Management

Family Business and Governance

Managing Organisations in the Digital Age

Entrepreneurship: It's All About Creating Value

Introduction to Industry 4.0: implications for the management of organizations

The Real World of Real Options and Financial Derivatives

Think Like a Physicist

Natural Resource Management in Sustainable Development

Journalistiek en Effectief Schrijven

Human and Animal Relationships and Interactions (HARI)

Geopolitical Scenario Planning: National Security, Territorial/Maritime Conflicts and Foreign Policy Strategy

Global Intercultural Management

An Introduction to Developmental Neuropsychology

International Relations and World Politics

A Rhetoric-Based Approach to Grant Proposal Writing

Consumer Neuroscience and Neurobusiness

Introduction to (European) Public Policy

Geopolitical Trends Analysis: China's Global Power, Nationalism in Europe and Africa’s Natural Resources

Future Proof - Ondernemendheid voor professionals

Climate Change: Causes, Health Impacts and Responses

Brain Stimulation

Country Risk Analysis: Macro-Economic and Political Risk Drivers of Emerging Markets

Psychedelic Medicine 2.0: The Past, Present and Future of Mind-altering Substances in Therapy

Intercultural Communication

Psychology in our World

History Great Power Systems

Management: The Fundamental Principles

Business Strategy in the European Luxury Industry

Medical Ethics: Moral Health Care Dilemmas and Choices From a European Perspective

Dutch Art History

Customer Experience Design for Non-Designers

Fintech: The Future of Finance