Amsterdam, Netherlands

Political Economy

online course
when 21 June 2021 - 2 July 2021
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 750

To what extent does the economy determine the type of policies a government pursues? And how much sway over the economy does a government have? These classical political economy questions resonate today more loudly than ever before.

Course leader

Dawid Walentek (MSc) works in the UvA’s Faculty of Social And Behavioural Sciences within the programme group on Political Economy and Transnational Governance. Dawid is also a researcher on education policy with the Department of Sociology. Dawid's schol

Target group

For current university students (Bachelors and Masters) in the humanities and social sciences with an interest in economics and political science broadly.

Course aim

Students of this two-week online summer course will focus on four themes: trade, development, inequality, and environment. Participants in this programme will learn about the topics that matter today and learn how to critically engage in the current debates from a rigorous, scientific angle.

These four themes all play and important role in understanding the dynamics of how politics and economics are intertwined in our rapidly globalizing and ever-changing world. They are also lenses through which to look at the complex web of actors and agents and causes and effects that are the network of global markets, politics and trade.

Credits info

4 EC
Upon successful completion of the programme, students who wish to earn credits will receive an official transcript stating the courses taken, credits earned and grades obtained.

Fee info

EUR 750: Tuition fee. Including all course materials and access to the University's digital learning environment and library.

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